princess hammam

January 23, 2011

Ok, you guys can call me Princess PD from now on.

My friend Huda and I just got back from this amazingggg Moroccan spa Hammam Spa in Bangsar Village and we’re so going to go there again. The guy was trying to sell me a package, and I was really tempted, but I told myself to calm down and rationalise.

Their “menu” of spa packages had all sorts of cool names like “Prince and Princess Hammam” and “Sultan’s Daughter’s Wedding Day” kind of names. Suddenly we’re all royalties there.

The service was amazing. They were so polite and courteous that we actually THOUGHT we were princesses. I mean, we just had to be la. THIS is the real deal.

This was the relaxation room where they make you lie down for a few minutes before, after and in between treatments. They give you tea and baklava and you just rest there until you’re ready for your next treatment. Huda and I kept on laughing and making jokes like “Where’s my butler?” and “I want more baklavas. Now!” we were really embarrassing.

So first treatment: Body Scrub. (They had a special name for it, I forgot what)

This part is really embarrassing because they actually SHOWER you standing up. Like little five year olds. My niece and nephew would be laughing at me if they saw how the lady showered me with a bucket and rubbed my body like a child.

You should probably go with someone who you’ve known for a long time because she will get to see all of you; except a tiny piece of bikini cloth to cover your boobs and matching undies that give you wedgies all the time. I mean seriously, you’ll feel closer to each other now that you’ve mandi-ed together. I didn’t have a choice; I had Huda. But you guys can still save yourselves.

After getting showered and rubbed, we were left there in a hot room for 10 minutes to let our pores open up. You’ll really need a friend at this point because you’ll be bored to death just waiting. Huda and I were busy comparing stretch marks and cellulites. We kept ourselves busy, basically.

Then the ladies came back and told us to lie face down. This was the fun part –> THE SCRUB.

I heard that at Hammam, the scrub is super effective; you’ll get dirt come off your body that you can actually see! About 60 grams of them (I’m not kidding, that’s what the guy said). It was a first-time experience for me because I’ve never had a scrub at a spa in my life. So I was quite nervous that they’ll get 600 grams out of me.


“Shut up.. when was the last time you had one??”



Nervous because I’ll be having a mountain load of dirt next to Huda’s little bump of dirt.

Well guess what?!!

We had the same amount.

I’m guessing everyone who goes there will get the same amount out.

So there.

I realllyyyy recommend the scrub. Your dirt will come out like those eraser dust thingy. It’s sooo cool. You guys should go and see how dirty you really are. It’s eye-opening! Haha.

I went for a massage after and Huda for facial in the room next to me. They turned off the lights when they massage so it’s total relaxation, you can actually just fall asleep. We both melted in awesomeness and enjoyed every moment of being Princess Hammam.

“Oh my god, I’m so high on relaxation…” I sighed.

“Yeah me too! But you know what would’ve made it better?”


“If the person next door silenced her phone.” Huda answered sarcastically.

Whoopsssssss. I forgot to put my phone on silence and it keep beeping with emails and BBMs! Just to confirm, the walls are thin.

Huda went again the next day because she’s so free and her motto now is You’re-not-a-real-Princess-unless-you’ve-gone-more-than-three-times. The guy actually remembered her and reminded her to switch off her phone. HAHAHAHA.

You can download their price list here.