the best cheesecake

January 12, 2011

Not to whine, but these days, I’ve been sooo tired. Walking back and forth between two offices everyday, lugging my laptop everywhere I go, make-up disappearing and eyeliner running. My make-up supply has been depleting and I haven’t even had the time to buy more!


Of course I took this upon myself. Sapa suruh, right?! Haha. So yeah!

After work, I’m too tired to do anything. But last week was special and I actually got dressed for a special lady.

It was Farah’s birthday dinner!!

Her best friends organised a surprise party for her at La Risata in Ampang. Nice restaurant with yummy food!

Me and the radiant birthday girl!

Yesterday was her real birthday, so this blogpost is a tribute to her; HAPPY BIRTHDAY GORGEOUS!!!

P/s: her birthday cake was the BOMB. It was one of the best cheesecakes I’ve ever tasted. I just had to ask; it’s Strawberry Cheesecake from Just Heavenly. You guys have to try it to understand how crazy I am over this cake now.