the illuminare event

January 14, 2011

Finally the pictures are out, so I can finally blog about the Illuminare event by eclipse in collaboration with Celcom for the launch of the Blackberry Torch.

I was honoured to be chosen as a Star Girl and stand humbly (pun intended!!) next to the Malaysian power celebs.

Every Star Girl had a character; The Lover, The Empress, The Independent, etc. I was The Innocent! I was supposed to be all cute in my cape and sequin leggings designed especially for me by Sonny San himself!

Fitting session

Arrived at the hotel suite for hair and make-up and saw this:

My heart stopped for a second! Just look at that show-stopping hair! It’s edgy and you guys know I’m sooo not edgy! The only thing I usually have on my head is a headband! Hahaah. But I decided to wing it, brave this hairstyle and just work it y’all.

It was weird at first but I actually had fun with this hairstyle! When else would I get the chance to try a whole different look?

The other ladies at hair and make-up:

Sueann Chong

Andrea Fonseka

Elaine Daly

Xandria Ooi

Daphne Iking

Jay Menon (Love her whole 20’s look)

We were brought to the event at Aquaria in a white London cab. How cool is that?!

Belinda Chee

It wasn’t your typical fashion-show-sit-cross-leg-sultry-face kind of event, but it was a carnival!

There were popcorn, Potong ice-cream, oracle card readings, a cotton candy station, a photo booth, lit up frames for photo opp, caricature. And of course, the most obvious of all, we were all in an aquarium surrounded by sharks and their water-loving friends.*cringe* I remember asking one of the girls what if the glass breaks… we die!! Well, we’d be cut by glass first.. but the shark will come after….oh wait, the shark will get cut by glass too. Ok nevermind..

And of course, having Daphne Iking as the MC was just the cherry on top. She’s so fun to be around!

And then there was Sonny San and the girls.

Joyce Wong

Every Star Girl had a lit up factor on their outfits. Mine was my brooch on my cape, but these were some of my favourites:

Xandria’s headpiece

Hannah’s neckpiece

Belinda’s belt (I LOVEEEE!!!)

After the event, we were all brought back to the hotel suite. In the awesome white London cab of course!

Hannah Lo and Xandria

I took off the poof on the way home. It was getting too heavy! Everyone kept asking me if that was my real hair. Haha. I really wanted to keep it but it belonged to the hairstylist David Shaw so boooo had to return it. Got to keep everything else though 🙂

We all had so much fun, of course. I think at the end of the day, we were very honoured that Sonny San and the eclipse team chose us to represent his clothes. I know I am!

Thank you.

Some pictures courtesy of eclipse