u smile i smile

January 15, 2011

I received a call from overseas (I love you, Skype) at 6 am. One of my best friends was feeling down and it made me wish I could be there for her. I made her laugh, she made me laugh, and then it made me miss her. That induced me to go through old photos of university life and boy, we were as carefree as birds (can’t find a suitable word here).

Now almost all of us are facing the realities of the world and suddenly, we’re making decisions and stuff! I don’t think even one of us is ready. We’re stumbling through step by step, and although we’re not physically together, it feels good to be just a phone call away and go “Dude…we’re grown ups now…” and getting a long meaningful pause and receiving a “Dudeee….we are….” and then a mutual silence.

I miss London very much. But I realise the London I know and love isn’t really there anymore. It’s still awesome London, but a different kind of awesome now. What made London feel a huge part of me was Harrods the friends, the classes, the countless lunch and dinner dates, the tears, the laughter, the shivering, the sweat. Now everyone is dispersed and only a few of us are still there.

Life goes on and we can’t swim against the river flow, but it feels good to look at old pictures and just have a big grin.

Do you guys ever miss your university life?