wedding dresses

January 20, 2011

A conversation my friend and I had about wedding dresses…..

Him: Where do I buy one of those wedding dresses?

Me: You mean, MAKE.ย  *lists out a few Malaysian bridal designers*

Him: How come everyone I ask says the same names? It’s not possible that the whole of Malaysia buys from them!!

Me: Well, they’re the famous ones. Why do you ask?

Him: I’m getting married. And I want a cheap wedding dress.

Me: You’re so romantic…

Him:ย  Thank you. Anyway, can I get a wedding dress from these designers for a budget price?

Me: How much were you looking at?

Him: RM 500.


Me: How do I put this nicely…. no.

Him: What’s their average price?

Me: I don’t know…Around RM 10 – 15 K.

Him: Gulp. Who buys the dresses? The girl kan?!!! *panics*

Me: Seriously, such a lucky bride you’re about to have. Both sides la. Since there’s usually a reception on both sides, each sponsor their own side. But the girl always forks out more, because she has the tunang, the nikah AND the reception to pay for!

Him: Oh phew…

Me: That’s what the wang hantaran is for. Supposed to cover the cost of the wedding, but it usually never does.

Him: So the girl still rugi la?

Me: Yes…That’s why you have to be nice to us all the time.


In all seriousness right, I always thought wedding dresses are obviously the dream dress that girls have imaginarily sketched in their mom’s wombs, but sometimes the price…omg.. and it’s worn ONCE.

For all you married ladies, what do you guys do with your wedding dresses?