a new concert experience

February 27, 2011

My colleagues and I were talking about Maher Zain’s concert in KL over lunch and it got me thinking; what on earth would you wear to an Islamic concert? Obviously, you can’t turn up in a tube dress or anything that you’d wear to a Beyonce concert!

So I tweeted about this.

And a couple hours later, got an email from a blog reader asking me if I knew anyone who wanted to buy her tickets.


I have been wanting to go to MZ’s concert so badly but didn’t get to buy his tickets. So of course I jumped at this opportunity. This is why I love being a blogger!!! It’s fate!

Thank you very much, you know who you are ๐Ÿ™‚

So I went today. And I wore a Manique kaftan.

Not my usual “concert” outfit, but this was a nice change!

I am in LOVE with this kaftan. Fits perfectly and the colour omgggg. You can get this and also a purple one on FV.

So, off I went, excited to see Maher Zain.

The concert was definitely a different experience. There was no dancing, no excessive cheering, everyone was well-behaved and just enjoying the catchy Islamic tunes. Well except for the occasional “I LOVE YOU MAHER ZAIN” declarations coming from behind us.

It was in Stadium Malawati and boy, was it hot! I sat next to this one lady who kept fanning herself with those hand fans, and I kept leaning towards her to steal some wind from her fan. Ahhhhh nice. ๐Ÿ™‚ Perfect seats I had! It was 2nd row from the front!! Couldn’t ask for more. It was such a clear view that I could see Maher Zain’s pores.

I gotta say, though, my friends who went yesterday were raving about how awesome his concert was yesterday so I pretty much was expecting mind-blowing stuff from him. But I was SLIGHTLY disappointed. He missed some lines and had to redo a couple of songs. And after that, I think he lost spirit because he looked very disappointed and tired. My friend thought it was the band who couldn’t keep up with him. I just think he was just too awesome yesterday so he was pretty tired tonight. Don’t know what yesterday’s crowd did to him!

Despite that, he sang well. At the end, he sang InsyaAllah in Malay! Definitely knows how to charm the Malaysians ๐Ÿ™‚ My favourite song of his is Barakallah. Heard it at a wedding and I play it almost everyday now cos it’s so catchy!

And he had some other opening acts who were sooo good. I love this one guy now; Irfan Makki from Canada. You should definitely YouTube him up. My favourite song from him is Mubrak.

I’m very thankful for these kind of Islamic singers now. People always associate nasyid with the identical clothing, people lining up in a row clasping hands together and swaying. But with Maher Zain who charmed the world with his contemporary nasyids, and now so many other hip Islamic singers, us younger generation definitely take notice and find ourselves humming their songs every once in a while.

I know my MOM is very thankful for Maher Zain. I actually came home just now at midnight and instead of the usual “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN DO YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS”, she just went “Hi sayang, how was the concert?” with a sweet smile. Haha. This Maher Zain guy is powerful, man!

I took a moment to read the lyrics of Maher Zain’s songs, and my God, I’ve never read such beautiful lyrics. They really made me think about Islam and how we have to answer to God when we get the calling from Him. Suddenly, everything else seems so petty.