cut your nails

February 6, 2011

The family and I went bowling yesterday!!

That’s right….we’re wild people.

The bowling arcade was so packed! It seems like it’s a normal Saturday activity for some families, judging from their we’ve-been-here-before faces and of course, their many X’s on the scoreboards! The family next to us were getting strikes all the time. And everytime there was a strike, they all jumped up and down like they won a tournament. And when only 9 pins tumbled down, they went quiet and shook their heads. Dudee! Your son’s only 5, let’s concentrate on puberty first, shall we?

All the clapping and strikes next to us made us feel bad, of course. Cos we all sucked.

And that’s WITH the longkang-repellent thing.

Even so, we were all in high-spirit, watching anxiously for the other family member to throw the ball. Roll, throw…same thing.

The worst player has got to be me. Because I broke a nail in my FIRST round. Man…bowling is ROUGH.

Mom kept going “That’s why la…never cut your nails, the devils are hanging off them.”


I am a big believer of non-long nails, but I’ve been busy ohkayyyy?

So I found sympathy in Opah.

But she couldn’t see properly, even after I bent down to show her the severe-ness of my injury.

She went Awwww….cucu Opah….awwww…. But I don’t think she fully understood what I was on about.

After the 3rd round, the kids and I got realllyyyy bored. There were 7 more rounds to go, but we smelled popcorn.

Ah….the grandmother always has goodies…

Niece and Nephew were more interested in all the snacks we bought, that they actually groan and grumble when it was their turn to bowl. They would just stomp to the alley, drop the ball and run back to Opah Restaurant.

Seriously, don’t you just LOVE arcade food?? Where else can you find popcorn?!! Popcorn, hotdogs, crepes, candy (some have gelatine so Muslims ask first), canned drinks, nuggets, nachos!! Yummmmm!!!

Anyway, let’s just cut to the chase. Below is our scoreboard.

Ok….so none of us are going to tryout for the national bowling team…

But hey, A FOR EFFORT NO??? I was injured, after all. I mean, 83 is still an “A”.

We all knew that the most important thing was that we had fun and we embarrassed ourselves in public for a good enough reason; Niece and Nephew 🙂

Dean teaching Nephew how to drop the ball….It moved sooooo slow, that I think Dean cracked his knees when he stood up.

There IS hope for Niece, though…Only 2 pins up!

What I wore to bowl

Top: Paul & Joe

Bangle: CC Skye

Pants: Pasar Malam

Shoes: Ferragamo

There’s a sad story behind this outfit. I was out before and was actually wearing jeans. But after lunch, I couldn’t button up my jeans!!! Had to actually go home to find my fat pants. No more char kuey teow for me for a while….