dinner at chopard

February 28, 2011

I know rightttt… the best venue to have a romantic dinner.

Surrounded by diamonds and watches, a girl’s dream come true, y’all!

Chopard launched their Limited Edition Valentine’s Day watch and did an intimate dinner IN the store itself, catered by Cafe Stelle which is right outside. Clever.

It was fun!! I was the youngest there and I didn’t know most of the people there, but mingling with them made me realise it was such a small world! Everyone is connected to everyone somehow. Friend’s aunty, aunty’s friend’s husband, friend’s brother-in-law etc.

And the best part of the nightt…..

Someone got proposed to!!!!!!!!!!

That’s right, I didn’t even know them but it was such a beautiful moment I was so happy for her!!!! Haha. I wanted to give her a big hug, and gush over her ring with her. But I didn’t, don’t worry.  I still have SOME self-control.

I’m butter when it comes to romantic gestures like these.

The guy bought a Chopard diamond ring and planned with the Chopard crew to have it put in her dessert. Like in the movies!

Imagine if the dessert was accidentally given to the wrong girl. That would be hilarious. Awkward…

Dean going over to congratulate the couple.

After that, all the single girls on the table kept poking their dessert with the fork to see if anything hard was inside!

The Valentine’s watch. Only 1000 in the world, I think?

It was too big for me, but I think it’s pretty cool! Casual watch, perfect to wear with jeans.

It has a special price, much cheaper than normal Chopard watches. So hurry, get your hubby/partner to get one for you.

Threaten him.