for she’s a jolly good fellow

February 14, 2011

We had such an emotional week last week because a very vital member of our company was leaving.

She has been so loyal with our group of companies for 15 years as one of my dad’s most senior and most loved staff. Yet, cos of family commitments, she is letting her career take a step back to follow her husband’s wishes. (IT’S ALWAYS THE HUSBANDS!!!!!)

So we threw her a surprise farewell. Ok, lie. She organized it. Haha. Sorry la, but she’s the one always organizing events in our company, so it was natural for her to take the lead.

Everyone was filled with emotions. She is without a doubt, the life of the party and without her now, everything won’t be the same. We ate and ate, and I’m sure the food was yummy but I don’t remember the food. I was just crying!

My dad, for the first time ever, dedicated a song to her. Not only did he dedicate it, he also sang it with the guitar and all. Of course we cried even more because the song just HAD to be a sad one.

Then, the VIP gave her speech. She couldn’t even say my dad’s name properly without crying a bucket. And forget it la, I tuned out because I was sobbing already.

This was a woman who has been in the company longer than my sister and I have! She took care of us when our parents were overseas and she bought us candy and cakes all the time when we were younger. She watched my sister and I grow up and she was our “cool big sister” we’d go to when we needed advice or just about anything. She’s so lively and crazy, but at the end, she always brings us back and tells us the right thing to do. She’s loved by everybody we know because of her welcoming attitude and such kindness, and that is rare to find these days. She truly is a gem and we are grateful for her loyal service in our company and in our lives for soooo many years.

You can guess how much my sister and I love her, we even stayed up to make this for her on behalf of the whole office.

A scrap page framed up with everyone’s message to her around it

From my sister and I; Something special for a special lady

We had lunch on her last day and instead of being a sad sappy one, it became such a fun lunch filled with laughter. All these married women were talking about giving birth (and scaring the crap out of us shocked unmarried ones) and sharing their experience. One colleague even got told to shut up because she was scaring the other patients.

The funny ones always involved the husbands and the darnest things they said when the wife is in such pain, ready to kill herself.

“It’s all in the mind….if you think it’s painful, then it’s painful.”

“Ustaz tu cakap suruh baca ayat-ayat so tak sakit”


“…silence (dunno what to say)….Istifar, yang, istifar”


“Honey, is it still going to be long? We’ve been here for ages” – pointing at watch

And my personal favourite of the lunch:

“Yang, I gi turun bawah isap rokok jap k….you lama lagi kan?”

Sigh, Aunty Norlia, we’re going to miss you sooooo much!! Please visit us often 🙁

“We’ll be calling you everyday!!”

“I’ll be vacuuming in my underwear. Don’t disturb my peace.”