four in a row

February 4, 2011

Thanks to the Chinese, we are all having a good long break aren’t we all???

I know I am!

It’s just so nice to kick back and relax with your loved ones. And although I do think Malaysia has too many public holidays, I do appreciate them when they come in a few days at once. Because you just can’t relax if it’s just a ONE day off you know. Might as well give us FOUR in a row. Thank you.

This morning, my family and I had one of those rare spontaneous moments.

I planned to have breakfast with my sister and gossip about our parents. I was ironing my top (yes I iron!) in my parents’ room, and my mom was all “Oh, anak-anak Mama dah lupa Mama ye? Gave birth to you all bla bla bla…”

So fine, after labour pain TWICE, she could come for breakfast with us.

Then, Dean called. He was in the office, all alone. And hungry.

So fine, had to invite the hungry man.

We went to a mamak stall in Bangsar. A few minutes later, bro-in-law arrived with Niece and Nephew, all showered and hungry too.

Then my dad called us. “WHERE ARE ALL OF YOU?”

A few minutes later, our small family were already eating together, laughing and snapping photos at the mamak stall.

It was sooooo nice. These kinds of moments cannot be planned. They are the rare spontaneous ones that God gives every once in a while. ๐Ÿ™‚ And really, breakfast only cost my bro-in-law like RM50 or something…

Apart from spending time with my family, I’ve had so much time for ME!

Twilly: Hermes

Earrings: Ola

Top: Gallo

Pants: Topshop

To look up in the sky and just ponder about life…


As if!

Life is short, people! Live it.

I went shopping, y’all!! Oh God, I haven’t been in a proper mall in ages!!! I’ve been so busy, thank God for online shopping. But still, we all should have some physical retail therapy sometimes. Stocked up on some MAC make-up, bought some stuff from Body Shop, you know, the essentials. Yes Dad, the 4-colour MAC palette IS essential. All 10 palettes.

I was in SUCH a good mood, my sister and I even signed up for a HSBC credit card because the salesguy talking to us was just SO NICE AND POLITE! Such a good Chinese boy. Thought we’d give him some business.

I even dragged Als to have late lunch with me. I miss chilling with her and just talk about nonsense. Topic of late lunch: why companies opt for bonds when they can just take a loan. Or something like that la… I wasn’t listening anymore.

Top: Jas.C

And of course, I finally had more time to spend with the awesomest person OPAH!!!

We watched Malay dramas together (I’m so sorry, but when are we going to have Malaysian TV shows with qualityย  like How I Met Your Mother and stuff???). And Opah actually goes “Bodoh punya perempuan. Padan muka dia gatal dengan laki lain.” -___- Like hello…chill, Opah.

And I also styled her with different headscarf styles.

Seriously, anyone thought of wearing a Malaysian flag as a tudung?? I think that would be super bold and cool!

Top: PU3

Leggings: Topshop

Opah and I weren’t feeling this style of “beanie” tudungs.

“Ni bukan tudung, ni topi.”

You go girl, Opah!

I have this one picture of Opah in a tudung that I styled, and OMG it’s just soooooo funny you guys will cry laughing. I have to ask her permission first to put it up. Won’t be that hard, she still doesn’t know what Internet is. She just knows she has fans and “banyak betul orang kirim salam kat Opah, kan V?