February 22, 2011

Birthday presents… Lots of friends’ birthdays coming up and I am scratching my head on what to give them.

Girls are definitely easier to shop for than guys, don’t you think?

One thing I wouldn’t buy for anyone is sunglasses.

This is why:

Hehe, I look ridonkculous. Wearing Adeline’s sunglasses she bought from Shanghai that looks so good on her but not on me!

Sunglasses are personal to face shapes. Don’t buy your friends sunglasses!

Had a relaxed time with my friends having dessert at Alexis. Yumm.

(Some desserts have liquor in them, so Muslims should ask first)

Whispering behind iPad. Rude-ness. -___-

Adeline and I

The boys = our drivers

Mazzy having the flu

Sofia was wearing Sister Margaritta while I was wearing Jas.C.

We support Asian brands too. Woot!! ๐Ÿ™‚