green bestie

February 2, 2011

I got this picture from Alia and my blood pressure probably rose a little bit.

Alia and Toots surrounded by shops in Bicester Village….


Most hated picture of the week, thank you.


Truth is, I’m being a bit of a sore thumb now because I miss my best friend :(((((

Bolero: DUSK till DAWN

Tank top: GAP

Leggings: Topshop, where else?

Before any of us leave for a trip, we’d always have a sleepover the night before. But we were both too busy before she left for London, so we broke the tradition. Doesn’t feel right 🙁

But we did have breakfast literally HALF HOUR before she had to rush to the airport.

Dean: Are you crying?!!!

Me: What?!!! No!!! I’m just upset that I’m not going to London. I don’t miss HER, obviously.

But she knows I do. Pfttt.

It’s ok, I know she’s probably in a shop going “I’ll buy this for Vivy. Oh and that one too. She’ll love this one also.”

Ahhhh…. smiles…..