in the dark

February 16, 2011

God, today I realised how thankful I am to have eyes and perfect vision.

There was a huge thunder last weekend and in a split second, POOF, all the lights and electricity went off for a very long time. It was dark and worst of all, oh so hot!

Ok no, that’s not the worst.

The worst part was that I had a wedding to go to!! And I was minutes away from getting ready!

It was almost pitch dark and I had to look for my kaftan (thank GOD I ironed it during the day), shower and get dressed. I couldn’t find any torchlight and I am scared of candles, so I left it to God.

I showered in the dark and it was hilarious!! I didn’t know what I put on my body. For all I know, I showered with shaving cream. Piled on the perfume in case that wasn’t soap that I used to shower.

Looking for my kaftan was also a hilarious adventure. I put them all together, with some of the ones I wear to sleep. So the whole time, I was trying to search with my fingers and my memory of where the beadings were on the kaftan I had chosen earlier on.

When I put it on, I remember thinking “Oh pls God, please don’t let this kaftan be one of the torn ones I wear to sleep.”

I wanted to curl my hair, but the curling iron wouldn’t heat up even if I rubbed two pieces of wood together. (THIS IS WHY YOU GET READY AT 4PM INSTEAD OF HALF HOUR BEFORE THE WEDDING HOW DO PEOPLE LIVE WITHOUT ELECTRICITY!!!)

Then, make up time came. Now this was just funny. It was me and the mirror, but none of us saw each other. Blusher as powder? Who knows? Mascara as eyebrow shaper? Who cares anymore. But I do care!!

So I had to go find a torchlight somewhere and with that minimal light, I used my instinct to wear make-up. It was so hard and I was just asking God “Why now?”. Haha

In the car I checked with the tiny car light that everything was alright. Couldn’t risk not checking! Don’t trust my instincts 100%. Haha.

When we got home, it was still dark!! These TNB people lie, they said they would fix it in a couple of hours.

Thank God for my BIL’s iPhone candle App. I guess iPhones aren’t all that bad….

But yes, I will forever be grateful I have perfect vision, Alhamdulillah.