February 19, 2011

I’m back, people!!

I didn’t just come back from Jakarta with lots of luggage, I also came back with a new family member.

Meet the latest addition; LOVEHANDLES.


I can’t help it! I just loveeee eating in Jakarta. Their restaurants are so beautiful and inviting, and the menu is packed with creative and yummy food. Lots of words like cheese, cream and more cheese and cream.

Asma’ is somehow my manager now because she tells me what to wear, what to say, who to meet, who not to meet etc. Because she loves me! I’m her puppet basically. Hehe. Anyway, she saw lovehandles and immediately declared a diet on me.

But before I plunge into my diet (which starts tomorrow, I swear….), I want to share 2 restaurants you guys HAVE to visit if ever you’re in Jakarta.

1) Social House, Grand Indonesia

Top: Pink Jambu

I’ve heard of this place before, but never had the time to go. This time, my friend brought me here and it was just us 2 girls chilling and having a drink.

The restaurant is gorgeous. Wood and trees everywhere, there was a sofa corner, stools corner, tables corner, so you’re spoiled for seating choice.

Even the entrance is pretty!

Asma’ flew in after me and I just HAD to take her to Social House. She loved it!

Cardigan: Jas.C

Look at the menu on a hanger.

This looks disgusting, but my god, it was yummmmmm! Parpadelle something…I just saw “topped with cheese” in the menu and I was sold.

Asma’s boring vege dish. She said it was yummy though.

How cute of them to do a heart-shape around the total and write a Thank You on the receipt! Distracts me from double-checking the bill and makes me want to return the love by giving tip.

Note to restauranters: EMULATE THIS CULTURE. It works, your customers will feel special.

2) Loewy, Kuningan

My friend wanted to take me for brunch here, but we ended up having tea instead.

Well…not exactly tea, I guess. Asma’ and I whipped ourselves some of the most fattening desserts there.

Number on the napkin. Asma’ thought a waiter was hitting on her.

Oh, that’s not it actually!!

We found our new favourite drink!!!


We were at Social House and Asma’ and I ordered our drinks. Then a friend said to the waiter, “Satu Lychee Iced Tea, ya?”

And we both went, “Wait, what tea?”

He said “Lychee Iced Tea? Seriously, don’t you guys have it in KL??” like we’re living in the caves or something.

NO. 🙁

I judge Malaysia for not having lychee iced tea!!

In some ways, there’s so much we can learn from the Indonesians. Customer service, good food, beautiful decor, fantastic presentation, their creativity, every little detail is paid attention to and it makes a whole lot of difference! I’m feeling inspired by them.

UPDATE: Whooopsss sorry, we DO have lychee iced teas here!!!!!! Been bombarded by emails but none of you said where to find it 🙁 Please share if you know any place in KL????