no emoticons required

February 7, 2011

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Be honest; have you ever felt this way?

You can chat for hours on MSN or you can Facebook message a friend everyday to update each other on your lives. But when you meet, there’s just NOTHING to say! Like awkward silence…. *cricket sound* Kind of like does-the-hand-on-the-clock-always-move-this-slow?!!

You know why, right?

We’re too obsessed with technology and now even our facial expressions are better expressed by cutesy emoticons on our Blackberries. Pretty soon we’ll be going “LOL” with a straight face instead of ACTUAL laughter.

So when I saw this Pizza Hut ad, it hit home because it was just so relatable!!

It’s such a simple message to bring people together, and yet, we kind of needed that reminder!! Technology is great, but we’re all still human beings not robots. We need to SEE each other (no, not Skype, smartypants) and laugh and share some food! There’s a beauty in actually being together physically!

A few bloggers and I met up for a get-together meal, where else but Pizza Hut. We had one before as well! Seems like Pizza Hut is THE place to be.

We went to the new outlet in Subang 2. Comfortable seating, casual atmosphere, you can’t help but feel relaxed here!

Dark Batman, Beautifulnara, RedMummy and FourFeetNine

IniBelogSaya, ShazwaniHamid

Huda and I

Kak Red and I

Yani and I

It was like a huge reunion of bloggers and their loved ones who they felt were worthy enough to join the fun! Everyone was busy so I brought Huda. HAHAHAHAHAH. I’m kiddin Hoods, I love you long time. (We went to Hammam Spa together AGAIN just now…sigh….Hammam)

Betchu want to see what we all ate! Hope you’re hungry at this point, because mannnn, better get to Pizza Hut because it’s just so yummers.

Triple Platter

Prawn Oglio Pasta

Seafood Marinara Pasta

Cheesy Char-grilled chicken Baked Rice – hot melting cheese over rice…

Molten Lava

And….drumroll please….



Guys, meet the Chinese New Year pizza this season:

30% off if you use a Maybank card (for a la carte orders only)

Ring of Fortune Pizza

So cleverly designed to look like the ring!

Succulent char-grilled chicken on a special double crust stuffed with golden cheese and sprinkled with crispy cornflakes! Made even more auspicious with red capsicums, pineapple tidbits and yellow onions.

My favourite-st part was the crust!!! I want to order one just thinking about it. It was loaded with 3 kinds of cheeses, and sprinkled with cornflakes for that added crunch!


Everyone thought so!

Would love to stay and chat but am about to order another Ring of Fortune pizza and call my friends over.

You should too!!

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