nona turns 24

February 25, 2011


This was what I had to stare at for sooooo long before Nona’s arrival. It was torture!!

Surprise parties = late dinner.

It was hilarious though. We were all trying hard to make sure Nona doesn’t know a thing and we had to walk the longer route to the restaurant because we were all notified that Nona was at another restaurant nearby.

Wawa, friend and FV operations manager


We all started dinner at 9 with grumbling stomachs after Nona’s arrival. I was all like, yeah happy birthday, love you, bye, hungry.

We were both all FV-ed out that night.

I was wearing Ola and DUSK till DAWN and Wawa was wearing a Sister Margaritta blazer.

Malaysian designer Nisa Mazbar was there too!

Had a blast chatting with her and even BBM-ing each other across the table. Hehe.

Happy Birthday, Nona! Hope you enjoyed the surprise dinner and many many more birthdays to come! 🙂