of girlfriends and milkshakes

February 21, 2011

Goshhh I LOVE this time of the year. Most of my friends abroad are back for holiday and it feels like high school again. Sha and Marissa are back and so the Cempakans reunite!

In this fast-paced ambitious world, sometimes, we need to take a few hours of our weekend to just LAUGH, CHILL AND EAT with the best girlfriends.

Marissa wearing her Sereni & Shentel headband

Minzie-kins! I’m sure you know what my favourite item in this picture is. *bows to the great*

Sha was showing me her new Canon G12 and I now hate my Leica.

Top: Danar Hadi

Leggings: Topshop

Shoes: Can’t remember and can’t be bothered to go downstairs to check. I think Kurt Geiger??

We had lunch at Cafe Stelle in Pavilion. Surrounded by Tod’s, Prada, Chopard etc. Nothing less for us girls, thank you! Haha. Since we can’t afford most of the stuff in the shops, eating near them will do.

And boyyyy, did I have fun with my food. Well, drink, to be exact. Guys, you are welcome!!! I am about to give you a piece of information you shall keep for life.

The best almond milkshake is in Cafe Stelle.

I had TWO and I wouldn’t share. (Well, Sha stole some, much to my disapproval)

Ok I cheated here by posting pics and calling it a blog post. Hehe. I’ve gotta run now, but you can read more in Sha‘s blog.

Have a productive week, everybody!