red hot

February 17, 2011

Have I wished my Chinese readers Happy Chinese New Year yet?!!! If I haven’t, please excuse my forgetful-ness.

Gong xi fa cai!!!

One of my favourite holiday seasons ever; not because I love red, but because of the awesome culture of angpau-givingness… Ahhh the Chinese; so generous ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh…and the McDonald’s Prosperity Burger OF COURSE.

Apparently, in their culture, they HAVE to give. It’s not even an option. If children come up to them, they will have to dig in their purses to take out the pretty red packets. That’s why some of them avoid shaking hands with big families. Hehe.

I went to Lou’s open house in Marriott and she was telling me about this. I immediately made her introduce me to all her aunties. Hahahahaha.


I was wearing Pink Jambu

Ahhhh my London peeps I love…Wish Stella, Sof and Boot were here too!!

Lou was wearing Herve Leger and the moment I saw her, I went to hug her dress….And really, I kept touching her the entire time.

I also had an intimate dinner with Dean’s workmates who have quickly become my friends too! I’m an honorary workmate! No? Fine.

I don’t get the yee-sang. It tastes horrible!! But it’s a tradition, so we have to respect it. Everytime it comes out, I keep saying Yeeeeeeeeee-Sang!!!! (Yam-seng…*slaps self*)

Fellow ex-Cempakans

So Happy Chinese New Year guys! Long overdue, sorry.

Hope the unmarried ones had a blast collecting their red packets!! ๐Ÿ™‚