selamat malam!

February 18, 2011

I did a Selamat Pagi recently, it’s only fair to do a Selamat Malam post! Hahaha.

Also, can you tell I’m really loving my Photo Booth application on Mac? I don’t know why I don’t do it more often! It’s like blogging on the go. Live and interactive.

Anyway, I’m still up, just finished some work. And I thought it’s been a while since I’ve written a post about ME. I mean, sorry for the narcissism. I blog about my day, funny things that happened bla bla, but I miss those days when I had time and luxury to write about how I feel today.

So, today…I feel…TIRED AND HAPPY.

If that makes any sense.

If I can open up here, I might as well should. Most of you know I started Fashion Valet with my partners, and just yesterday we had our 3 months anniversary.

I just can’t believe it’s ONLY been 3 months!!! Thanks to FV customers and also you guys, FV has been doing so well. In 3 months, we’ve gotten recognition from authorities in Malaysia, the Malaysian designers and the Malaysian buyers in general!! Also, as part of our long term plan, we have also gotten some brands from Asia. First Thailand, and now here I am in Jakarta signing deals with designers.

You wanna know how I truly feel?


I’m so young, you guys!! And I know there’s so much to learn, so many mistakes to make and so many opportunities to take. And I’m just feeling a little overwhelmed. Teeny tiny me, making big decisions that impact my company and my staff. And that is scary sometimes because what if I take the wrong step? What if my partners and I don’t know what the hell we’re doing?!! Haha. Well, Insyaallah, that won’t happen. I always seek guidance from my partner and my elders, and I pray to God that He always leads us to the right path.

Ok, so that’s FV.

My family life?

Never a day passes that I don’t feel close to my family. My dad is always around to pull me back to the other office when I’m spending too much time in the FV office, my mom is ever so helpful with FV and sometimes I see her come in to the FV office from my CCTV and the FV team are on their toes with the million questions she asks about stocks and orders.

My sister and I have never been closer. It’s funny, though! Sometimes we are just a few rooms away from each other, but because we’re both so busy, we just BBM each other. I send her silly pics of me and she…actually, she doesn’t do much. She just replies -____- But she misses me sometimes and I know that’s my cue to come sleep over her place and we’d stay up till 3 am watching movies on her huge TV. Then we’d wake up to the office with dark circles. Sexy.

With Opah, it’s slightly tricky, I have to admit. She doesn’t have BBM so I can’t constantly bug her and I’m not at home a lot, so it’s hard to spend quality time with her. I feel sad sometimes, but I make it up by sleeping with her at night. One morning, I had to wake up early for work but I was soooooo tired that I didn’t hear my alarm. I told Opah to wake me up the night before, but I know her! She’d go “V, bangun” in like Volume Level 1 because she doesn’t want to disturb me. Then if someone wants to wake me up, she’d say “No no, let her sleep. My poor cucu, she’s tired!”

Haahahah. Such is a grandma’s love. Work doesn’t matter, only her grandchildren matter.

My social life?

Well, you know what…I realise your social life is what you WANT it to be. Busy or not, if I miss my friends, I will MAKE time. Of course I don’t have the luxury to meet them a lot and a lot of them are abroad leading their own lives, but when we do meet, it means a lot! We don’t have a full stop in our conversations because there’s just SO much to say, and it feels really nice that way, you know?

Love life?

*blush* It’s going really really well. I am a lucky girl. Enough said.

Ok, I’m done ranting. Now I can sleep!

Sorry if you think I’m rambling on aimlessly. I’m in the library now and it’s just so quiet and peaceful. My phone isn’t ringing, there are no emails coming, and I am just feeling sooo relaxed and appreciating my ME time. This is quite a nice change to have every once in a while. You should try it too!