sweating a new leaf

February 11, 2011

Don’t go falling off chairs now, but guys, I bought a gym membership.

I know, I know…

How could I turn my back against the easy life with make-up and without sweat…

But in my defence, I think Dean must’ve slipped something into my drink because I suddenly found myself swiping my card for a gym membership.

*shakes head*

I mean come on….we all know 75% of people with gym memberships don’t actually go to the gym. (I just made that up btw, but I bet it’s true ok!) Such a waste of money deducted from your account every single month. Clever people…

I’ve only been to the gym ONCE and that was to pick up my membership card. So technically, I HAVE been to the gym, just that it’s only as far as the counter. For what it’s worth, the counter was very pretty.

So after 3 months of forgetting abandoning laziness being very busy, I was forced decided out of my own will to step into the gym for the first time.

I was packing to go to the gym; make up bag, check, facewash, check, moisturiser, check, perfume, check, gym clothes, check.

Awesome. Ready to go sweat. (Can you sense my enthusiasm?)

Thought I could be cool and look like I belong in the gym, but man, I actually forgot about sport shoes! I thought I didn’t have any, but guess what…behind all those heels, I actually found one pair!! Sweeet!!

So, off I went.

Socks!!! *slaps forehead*

So, off I went again.

Excited!!! Weeeee!!! Gym!!!!

I used to have a personal trainer in London, but those are distant memories. Ever since I’ve been back, I just have a personal fridge. But being in the gym made me remember the steps and techniques he used to teach me, and well…I just remembered, I couldn’t be bothered to do them.

I went straight to the treadmill because that’s the only thing I know what to do with.

And plus, this gym’s treadmills all have a little TV attached to them.

I was pretty amazed with all the buttons they had. Why so many things??

Don’t you only need “Go”, “Stop”, “Speed” and “Inclination”?

Ahhh, but it’s Ok. I got distracted by Pink’s new song on MTV Charts.

Cheated a bit and hung out at the watercooler.On the way, I passed this one room.

Odd….Looks like a scary room to be in.

I was informed there was a yoga class starting in 10 minutes. Sounds like fun! I used to do yoga too. Downward dog, lotus pose…I could do those. So I confidently joined the class.


It must’ve been an Advanced Yoga or something, because these people lifted up their body and legs at the same time, while only leaving their bums on the ground. I would’ve fainted in there if I hadn’t been too busy gawking at other people. How do they bend their legs like that?!!!

Anyway, the first half was basically me biting my lips to hold a pose. The second half was me lying down facing up on my yoga mat, smiling and thinking about lunch.

After yoga, I couldn’t help but tweet Ninie Ahmad. Have so much respect for the lady now. Haha.

The next day, I couldn’t feel my legs. I couldn’t feel my arms. I couldn’t feel my hips. I couldn’t feel my (non-)abs. I couldn’t feel my neck.

But you know what’s weird?? I really want to go to the gym again! It was weirdly refreshing.