a reminder

March 19, 2011

Today was a big reminder for me and Toots.

I went for an Islamic talk by Loon (he was P.Diddy’s rapper friend who has now converted to Islam) and Toots was supposed to join me from a birthday party. She couldn’t make it on time, so we promised to meet for tea nearby. At tea, we were just catching up (I hadn’t seen her for weeks!!) and she told me that she was running around the whole day that she had missed her Zuhur prayers.

You have to know that Toots is my best friend who NEVER EVER misses her prayers. She will go out of her way to pray even if she’s out and she even tries to read the Quran everyday, regardless of her tired after-work mood. So, foolishly we were all teasing her about how wild she is becoming now.

We moved on to another topic. Soon after, we all parted ways and drove home. She’s a veryyy slow driver (pisses me off so much) so when I passed her, I was all like “Bye, sucker…” JOKINGLY.

I got home and got a distraught call from her.

Her car was almost hit by a tree.

She was driving and saw a tree looking a bit weird. In a split second, she realised the tree was actually swaying a bit and was on its way to fall flat on the ground. It was going to hit her car, thus crashing it and her in it as well.

Alhamdulillah, the tree was caught by a lamp post. And that lamp post saved Toots’ life by a mere second. She wasn’t sure to brake or to speed on. Her reflex made her accelerate the pedal, and her car zoomed underneath the falling tree. As soon as she passed, the lamp post bent and the tree plonked on the road, causing a traffic jam as cars could not pass.

She cried as she was so shocked.

I don’t want to think what would have happened if she was late by a second. But it really doesn’t take a genius to know it would’ve left a serious impact.

After her phone call and after I knew she was safe, I wanted to cry too.

She would’ve met with an accident with the unfortunate event that she missed ONE prayer. And she would’ve met with an accident and her best friend’s last words to her was “Bye, sucker!”

I didn’t think twice to go to her house and we just hugged for a long time.

Guys, think about your loved ones and think what were the last words you said to them. And on a more serious note, I just realised, young or old, God can take our lives anytime. It’s really a scary thing that comes unannounced. Life is really not a joke.

Boy, I have a lot of thinking and praying to do.