because I know she’s still awake

March 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Nurul!!!!

Mira did a surprise at the Mimpikita store and I was in charge of cake! I wanted to get a cake that writes “AIYO SO OLD” but Gourmet wouldn’t let me write anything on it. They’re too nice to her. Pftt.

Then there was a birthday dinner hosted by Nurul and hubby. Omgggg she did everything ok! The table setting, the placecards, napkins, even the placemats were designed and printed by her! So semangat, man. And best of all, she COOKED!! I can safely say she is an amazing cook. Everything that night was so yummy. We were served stuffed mushrooms with cheese, roast chicken, lamb cutlets, and for dessert, chocolate profiteroles with an abundance of chocolate syrup.

If she wasn’t a designer, she’d be feeding me, thanks.

Happy birthday my lovely Nurul!!!