chocolate goo

March 17, 2011

Headband: Sereni & Shentel

Top: Jas.C

Foooooh I don’t know if it’s just me, but it’s suddenly getting too hot nowadays in the KL streets. Like scorching hot.

But like my mom always says, Neraka lagi panas. *bites nail*

My sunglasses are so overworked that it’s now gone senget.

Anyway, I want to recommend this AMAZING waxing place called Strip. They have branches in Lot 10, and Bangsar Telawi and I don’t know where else.

I am a pretty set girl in that if I like one place, I’ll just go there all the time. My friends have been raving about Strip for a long time now, but I never bother because I’m happy where I usually go.But I wanted to try uhmm…a slightly different kind of waxing, and I was a bit scared, so my friends said they do it at Strip and they don’t feel a thing.

Sucker for word of mouth, I chose magic-not-painful-waxing over familiarity.

So off to Strip I went.Look at me all scared to try this new place.

And I was so impressed with the decor. It was so girly and I felt so calm and at ease, even though my roots were shivering scared to be pulled out.

They wouldn’t let me take pictures, so I stole some off Google Images.

Breathe – great advice!

In the cubicle where horror happens,I found this 2 cute posters.

Special Clearance for Virgin Forests – Hahahaha

They used this chocolate hard wax thing that smelled so good! I was craving for chocolate after and couldn’t stop smelling myself.

And verdict: yes, I didn’t feel a thing. (Look at me lie like that!!) Of course I felt something la, I have nerves and stuff. But mannnn it was so quick and so much less painful than my usual go-to waxing salon. I couldn’t imagine doing this new waxing thing at my old place that uses the normal strip. I would’ve died of screaming.

So yes, chocolate wax = good. You’ve gotta get you some of that shizz.