crazy bag lady

March 11, 2011

Had the funnest shoot with Marie Claire and this was probably the most personal one.

What was it about?


Hahaha finally, my bags can pose with pride.

Crazy bag lady, ladies and gentlemen.

Asma’ chose the bags and clothes to bring to the shoot and we couldn’t decide that we brought a whole suitcase of options!

It was the shortest shoot I’ve ever had but I was so tired of smiling. They kept telling me to smile, and I’m like goodness guys, I’m smiling like a donkey here. How much wider do you want?? I seem to have that problem; they say I have forced smiles at photoshoots. I wish I could do something non-smiley one day, like this:

Sasha obviously wants to get smacked.

Wawa bored as hell waiting for me to be done posing

And that’s a wrap!