kosmo! article

March 16, 2011

For security reasons, I rarely allow people to come to the FV office.

I mean, we are a busy no-nonsense team in there and are always working and not fooling around…


But when Kosmo! approached to write a story on Fashion Valet, I couldn’t resist opening the doors to this wonderful team!

The article came out yesterday and mannnn a lot of people read Kosmo! I got calls and messages from realllyyyy unepected people, even people in the construction world. *shy*

I wore a green Jas.C jumpsuit, a Pink Jambu top, a PU3 Easy blouse and an AzuraAzwa bib necklace.

One lesson learnt from this: Never sleep at 3 am if you have a photoshoot the next morning. The whole Kosmo! readership saw my bangun tidur eye-bagged face. :s

But reading the article, I’m so proud of where FV is heading now. We are exactly 4 months old TODAY, and I would just like to thank all of my readers who, regardless have made an order or not, for their tremendous support to motivate me to keep on going and spreading the word about FV. You know what, besides my family and a handful of my friends, my blog readers are one of the main people driving FV to where it is now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.:)


My favourite section in the article

Oh, I would also like to clarify a minor typo error…I am NOT 25. Pfttttt. I’m 23. Hehe.

Thank you Kosmo! for the article and the support!!