lychee iced tea

March 1, 2011

I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!

Oh my god guys, I found Lychee Iced Tea in KL, my life is complete now.

None of your suggestions were helpful at all. Pftttt. Delicious la, mamak stall la, I went and asked! Super tipu man… The mamak stall guy even gave me a look!!

Anyway, I found it at The Pressroom in BSC.

There on the menu; Lychee Iced Tea.

Like it was meant for me.

Then I saw “Lychee and Watermelon mix” as the description. And I got disappointed again.

Lychee and Watermelon?!! What….Noooooo… I want LYCHEE. Just LYCHEE.

So I told the waiter, “Nak Lychee Iced Tea, but no watermelon syrup. Just Lychee iced tea.”

But Wawa ordered the normal Lychee Iced Tea with the watermelon bit. Yuck.

Our drinks came.

See the difference?

The right one was mine; just lychee. And the left one was Wawa’s; a hint of red because of the watermelon syrup.



I took a sip of mine and was thoroughly disappointed.

This was not the lychee iced tea I wanted ๐Ÿ™

Wawa excused herself to the toilet. I got bored so I tried her drink that she hadn’t drank yet (please don’t leave food and drinks unattended when I’m around…you might come back and see half left).





This was the one. This was the exact one I tasted in Jakarta.

Now I know the secret ingredient; watermelon syrup.

I saw rainbows after that. Ah, I so happy one!!

So, I switched our drinks before she came back. Wawa would never notice, I thought.

She did.

But it’s too late. I finished hers in no time.

And yes, you just wasted 3 minutes of your life reading this post.