marry me

March 14, 2011

“They say you’re only as good as your audience. If that’s true, I was bloody brilliant tonight.”

Just got back from Michael Buble’s concert and am gushing about him to Mom. We are now preparing for my rombongan meminang Michael Buble. Well, Mom doesn’t know it yet. She was all like “What’s Mika Boge?”

Mom… it’s Michael Buble Abdullah soon…

I am a Michael Buble fan. I loveeeee him.

Dean surprised me with awesome tickets to Michael Buble’s concert tonight and I am now left with images of me dancing on the chair shouting “MIKE-ALLLLL!!!”.

Oh Dad would be so proud.

I wasn’t the only one though. I also spotted Shentel crazy-rocking on the chair in front of me while her husband sat and behaved *HI BOBBY!*

You’d think that Michael Buble’s concerts are boring since his songs are very much easy and light, but no….he is an AWESOME performer. One of the best I’ve seen!!! He’s soooo funny and even introducing his band members one by one was entertaining!

He sang some of the favourite songs and when everything came up, Dean and I looked at each other and thought the same thing; OUR SONG!! Then, we overheard a couple near us saying “Our Song!!” too. -___- Well, that killed it.

How much do you think it’ll cost to have him sing at a wedding?? I’ll start saving up, I swear!!! *shakes piggy bank, sad, looks hopefully at dad*

In the car ride home, Dean was all like “Michael’s so cool (*that’s right, he’s on a first-name basis already*). I want to be his friend. How do I be his friend?……I KNOW!! I’ll add him on Facebook tonight and tell him I was at his concert.”

Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised.