mommy the expert vege slicer

March 12, 2011

My mom’s friends are so sweet.

They threw her a surprise birthday party and my sis and I had to pretend that lunch was just supposed to be the 3 of us.

20 or 50, girls will be girls!

I had a say in Mom’s cake and came up with this!

Cake by Gateauxlicious. So nice right?!!!

It looks exactly like the pink iPod mom has (it’s mine, she took it and never wants to give it back -__-)

Mom is a huge Vege Samurai fan. Like seriously, guys, THE BIGGEST.

Normal people have like 1,000 – 2,000 as high scores right… Mine’s 5,000 *bows*.

Well, Mom’s is…..39,000.

“Mom!!! You’re so sad!!!”

“You’re just jealous…” *blows nails*

Actually, I am jealous.

I try to beat her high score, but it’s IMPOSSIBLE!!!! And we would take turns, so she would watch me when I play so when I lose, I don’t cheat and play a new game. So she waits for like 5 mins for me to die and it’s her turn. And me? I can watch an episode of Glee, and she still won’t be done.


It’s so funny though, at lunch. Once the cake came out, all the ladies took out their iPhones and blushed.

It was suddenly Confessions time.

“I play Fruit Ninja…It’s so fun!! My kids talk to me, sometimes I tak dengar pun.”

“Guys, have you heard of Angry Birds?!! You shoot them and they go Pekkkk….”

“Oh, I nak beli app tu la… Apa nama dia?”

“This iPhone is BAD…”

“I main Tetris. Sometimes, I sleep at 3 am playing that and my husband scolds me.”

“Eh you ingat tak dulu kita main batu seremban….??”

My sister and I couldn’t stop laughing!! There’s NO such thing as generation gap!!! Our moms and aunties are as much obsessed as iPhone apps as we youngsters are! Hilarious.

That was lunch.

For dinner, we had an intimate family dinner and I decided to debut my AzuraAzwa bib necklace. Just launched on FV, and everybody is loving them!! I can’t believe the workmanship and each piece is handmade. The designers said they take days to finish one statement necklace.

This was the day the Japan earthquake happened (let’s all pray for the world) and at dinner, I couldn’t help but think what on earth I’d do if one of my family members was affected. I don’t think I’d be able to live normally for a longgggg time. So I was just so thankful each one of us was there and we still had each other. As much as we argue about silly things (*looks at sis*), in our hearts, we know we have a special bond God gave us and we shouldn’t take it for granted.

I love you Mommy!!! Happy birthday from all of us and we hope you’ll clean up this house up because there are just too many bouquets of flowers and I’m sneezing as I walk downstairs. Hehe. God bless you, Mommy 🙂

Those are my fingers. Hehe.