more chick flicks please

March 5, 2011

I’m a bit of a scaredy cat. I can’t watch Harry Potter without hiding behind the large popcorn box. I much prefer a happier life with cheerful movies with Ashton Kutcher in it.

That’s why now, I’ve been disliking the TV more and more.

I don’t get why there are just sooooo many horror movies these days. Not the usual flying ghosts kind of movies, but the hardcore bomoh and sihir types. It’s almost on consecutive nights! You see all the gore details of how the person goes to the bomoh, leaves things under the bed, and the victim obeys every word she says. (Oh, the person doing the bomoh is usually a girl, too.) The scariest part is usually when they attempt to exorcise the spirit in the bodies. You can see the person squirming and screaming and becoming someone else.

It’s ok to have some horror movies as entertainment. Some people love thrillers and stuff, but why so many recently?!! Do you notice it on the local channels?

Granted, they usually have happy endings, but they give the public such ideas now. Because they actually tell us visually HOW to perform such things. There’s even reality shows that they purposely leave a person in a dark room and wait for things to happen to him/her. And there’s a white dot on the screen and they all go “Haaa!! The ghost is here!!”



Heard of video-editing?

It’s good that the authorities only allow these shows to air at night, but sometimes, throughout the day, we get to see ads and previews of the horrid visuals of men chanting with smoke coming out in the middle, or people with eyes rolling backwards. And it scares people, especially kids!

People, if you have a problem with someone, go and solve it amicably with him/her. See him, not a bomoh because get real, a bomoh can’t solve your problems. If they could solve problems, they’d be rich millionaires themselves. Why would you want to live with hatred your whole life when you can choose to face your problems and be happy afterwards? Life’s too short to be evil.

Love, not war!

What’s your take on all these shows these days?