spoonful of yummy

March 8, 2011

Before I went to this restaurant called Fat Spoon in Damansara Uptown, I actually heard a lot of good stories about it! People said the decor was nice and the food was good. Then there was this one story I heard about a guy who was so tired after work that he walked all the way to Fat Spoon IN THE RAIN just to get some of their yummy brownies before heading home.

They’ve stopped making them unfortunately and the guy went back, heart broken. That story has been spread around and even the owner was like “My god, I’ve got to make some more of these brownies for this desperate guy!!”

Well, guys, that guy….was Dean.

That day he tasted the brownies, he couldn’t stop talking about them that I felt like he was hinting at me to learn how to make these brownies or something! We happened to talk to the owner one day and she was telling us how so many people asked about those brownies and she’s just got to get them back in stock.

Ok enough brownie talk.

This is making me super hungry at 12.10 am.

Anyway, I went to Fat Spoon a few weeks ago for the first time. And was so impressed with the decor. It was so personalised and so much thought had been put into it that I, as a customer, understood and appreciated it!! Felt happy to be there. All cozy with hanging clothes on a rack, and pots and pans hanging down from a ceiling in one corner.

So, we sat down. It was a busy lunch time, so the waiters were pretty busy.

And after a few minutes, I thought, gosh this is such bad service. We’ve been here for a while and they haven’t even given us the menu!!

All on the table were these, and I was like “Why on earth would they put children’s books here?”

Then it hit us!

The children’s books WERE the menu!!

Who would’ve thought, right?!

They also have a huge blackboard where the lifesize menu is displayed, for dodos like me.

Hi Wawa!

I LOVEEEEEE them already. No need to call the waiter who’ll probably give you an incorrect Wi-Fi password.

Half table, half sewing-machine!

What I’m most impressed with is that the restaurant isn’t all nice decor and stuff. They don’t neglect their food either! The food was so good and everyone on the table unanimously gave this verdict for their individual dishes.

My personal favourite; Spicy Beef Macaroni soup.

Mia and I

Top: Warehouse

Dean reading a book. You wanna know what he was reading?

The bill!! Super cute.

If you look closer at the door, you’ll see this:

A big fat spoon.

You should do as it says.