taking a chill pill

March 3, 2011

It’s official. I realise that I am a workaholic.

Sometimes, when I’m working and I’m so engrossed in whatever I’m trying to finish, I look up at the clock and see 4 am.

Like whaaaa?!! There aren’t enough hours in a day! But surprisingly, I don’t even feel sleepy or tired. And it’s a routine everyday. Sleep at 3/4, wake up at 7. This is the dangerous bit. I’m working myself too much and I don’t even feel it until the day comes when I feel lightheaded.

My phone…now, that’s just another annoying workaholic tool. Some people have 3 phones (hardcore) but I think even 1 phone is enough to make me go crazy. It comes to a point now that I answer calls, BBs and texts during a meeting to set up another meeting later that day. Etc etc… When people talk, I answer them back, but my eyes and fingers are pushing my BB keypad. When? When did I become so rude??

I have a bit of my dad in me. When we want something done, we want it done now, by hook or by crook. If people can’t finish it fast, they’re inefficient. And if people are slow, I’ll just do it myself because I can’t be bothered to wait for them. We’re aggressive, but really, I think sooner or later it will take a toll on my 23-year old body. I keep advising my dad to relax and chill, but I realise I’m exactly the opposite!

That day, I left my phone at home by accident. I felt sooooo naked without it, and so powerless. But that was only the first 5 minutes. After that, my god, I felt so liberated!! I have a phobia of not having my BB, but every once in a while (like that one sweet day), it feels good to have a proper conversation with your loved ones, without any interruption.

Today Nona saw me in a restaurant from afar and immediately BBM-ed me, “Put down your BB. Stop raping it.”


Ahh technology, the pros and cons of it.

Owning a business at a young age is fulfilling, but no one has everything. I’ve lost the “chill pill” in me because I’m aggressive at improving and expanding the business. I love what I do, but I can feel the youth getting sucked out of me.

So now, weekends are ME time. Last weekend, I pampered myself at the salon, got some grooming done, spent time with my nephew and niece, blogged and just chilled out with friends and family.

I would always encourage the youth to work hard, but it’s true what they keep repeating all the time; work hard, play hard. We need to keep an active lifestyle and working all the time does not equal that.

So next weekend; movie, manicure, gym, family and friends. I’m even thinking of going for a weekend getaway somewhere. Haha, but I probably won’t, I always just say! Pfftt.

Tea with loved ones

But really…

It’s all about the girls…

My top: Warehouse

Having said all that though, it is now 3 am and I’m still wide awake.

Gosh I’m so stubborn I don’t even listen to myself!!

Ok ok serious this time. Good night! 😀