the next best screen

March 4, 2011

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Work, does it ever stop?

Is it just me or are we finding ourselves with more and more work, less and less time for TV?

The only TV I get to “watch” is the TV ring I bought in Bangkok! Super cute, but can’t bring myself to wear in public…

I can’t remember the last time I actually curled up on a sofa with a remote in hand just chilling, watching the Kardashians wrestle each other.

Well, actually I can.

But I was holding a laptop, not a remote. And I wasn’t watching them. They were just in the background while I was doing work.

Times like these I realllyyyyy appreciate the fast-evolving technology. People understand that in this restless world, we have all suddenly gotten busier, so we sometimes have to miss that favourite show, or we are not home, therefore a TV is not within reach.

Watch TV on your laptop then!

Genius creation by Fine TV, a Malaysian-based TV provider.

The only screen I have time for is this:

My laptop screen, the next best screen.

So if I were to watch anything, it better be on my laptop because I am usually never without it. You can’t really carry a TV everywhere, can you. Unless you’re Superman. And even he can’t be bothered.

Anyway, Fine TV offers movies, TV shows and channels, and even radio channels online! It also offers 10 VOD (Video on Demand) channels which allows you to rewind, forward and pause. So you can watch it during your lunch break, tea break, snack break, biscuit break, coffee break etc.

How it works?

Subscribe to them, you’ll get a dongle (fancy name: Access Key Gadget) in your mail, and stick it in your USB port. Voila, you’re online on Fine TV, ready to dive into the TV world….such an amazing world. There is no buffering involved, yes!! It’s autorun once you pop the dongle in.

Different from actual TV, Fine TV doesn’t require satellite dish, doesn’t drill your nicely wallpaper-ed walls, it’s available 24 hours, you can pause, rewind and forward etc.

If you’re a diva and your eyes can only lay on big huge screens, then you can even watch Fine TV on normal TV too, via a HDMI cable connecting your laptop to your TV. They even offer Video conferencing through PC, Notebook, Laptop and TV too. You can surf the Internet on your TV! Super cool.

Like YES 4G, Fine TV also operates on a Pay As You Go basis. Only pay what you use!

Find out more here.