yellow blood

March 26, 2011

Her Royal Highness Princess William of Wales Catherine Middleton.

Boy…..what a mouthful! Can you imagine greeting her?!! You’ll run out of breath.

Who isn’t excited about the royal wedding?! The whole world is talking about it and waiting for the big day.

It makes me think back about our own royal families in Malaysia. Over in Britain, they respect the royal family like crazy! Everyone loves them. In Thailand, they have pictures of their King everywhere! But in Malaysia, somehow we do not have the same level of respect for our royalties. Heck, we don’t even know their names! Ok, I’m guilty as well. I mean we have more than 10 Sultans’ names to remember. We’re only human to slip up every once in a while. We just know there’s a Din and a Shah somewhere in there, and to be safe, just address them as Tuanku.

In my line of work, I’ve been privileged to meet with some Sultans and have some of their descendents as my friends. And you know what, they are lovely people! Especially the elder ones; they are so humble and such people-lovers. You can tell the older generation are really wise in that they care a lot about the people of their states and this caring trait is spilling over to their children and grandchildren.

I’m not saying all are perfect. But come on, royal or not, they’re human beings. The fact that they’re royal doesn’t justify them being condemned for being fun-loving or even making mistakes here and there.They didn’t choose to be born into a royal family. But that’s life isn’t it? With power and status, comes responsibility. Didn’t Spiderman say that? Man, he’s a genius.

They didn’t ask for the responsibility of being perfect all the time, but that’s a sacrifice they have to make being born with a golden spoon in their mouths. It’s not all fun being royal, I would think. Bodyguards everywhere restricting your movements, protocol with your own grandpa, one of my friends even had a stalker threatening her! Just like any other girl, she was really scared and we were all worried for her!

Anyway, the reason I thought about all this is because I bumped into one respectable elderly member of the royal family just now. The last time I met him at a formal event, I was briefed on the royal protocol, how to talk to him and stuff. But when you don’t practise it in your daily life (not about to go all “beta” and “patik” with Mom and Dad anytime soon, thank you), it’s easily forgotten.

So I bowed!! Hahahahahahha. *slaps forehead* I actually bowed. I think he wanted to laugh.

You’re just supposed to put both hands together and touch your forehead as a sign of respect. But I went all Konichiwa on him.

I feel that the younger generation aren’t taught royal protocol and to be completely honest, some think royalties are redundant. Therefore, not enough insistence is made on royal history and stuff. What do you think about this? Do you feel our heritage should be paid more attention to?