chicken chop

April 29, 2011

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Have you guys tried the new KFC Chicken Chop?

You have to! It’s so yummy. It tastes similar to the famous KFC fried chicken, with mushroom sauce that tastes similar to the mashed potato gravy. Both mashed potato and fried chicken are two of my favourite dishes from KFC, so putting them together is just….genius.

For RM 9.90, you’ll get chicken chop with wedges and corn, and a cool and refreshing Mountain Dew drink.

I am a greedy person so I asked for extra gravy. I do that when I order mashed potato too. Sometimes I ask for two extras. Hehe.

Man, hungry now……

A few bloggers and I had dinner out at KFC and stuffed our faces with Chicken Chop and Portugese Egg Tart.

Tziaa and I

Kimberly and Michelle

I personally don’t like egg tarts, so I didn’t try it. But I swear to God, everyone who bit into it went into exorcist mode and had their eyes roll back. So it must be good.

Had such a fun night catching up at KFC and eating yummy food at KFC. As usual, you can expect nothing less from the awesome KFC. And this new KFC Chicken Chop did not disappoint, either!

The only bad part of my night is some genius stealing my drink. I didn’t drink it again. I have a phobia of sharing drinks with people. Not fun  -__-

I’m wearing Jas.C Cape Cardigan