cold sore birthday

April 11, 2011

Toots birthday this year was probably one of the most memorable for her. It was funny!! Not for her. But for the rest of us.

She was waiting for a surprise party. She didn’t get one.

She was waiting for presents and flowers from her friends. She didn’t get any.

She didn’t ask for period pain. She got many.

She didn’t ask for a cold sore. God gave her 3.

Above her lips, she had such a big cold sore!!She sent me a picture of it and I lost my appetite for lunch.

We were all like, “Don’t touch us ok? We’ll love you from far.” Wa told me, “V, if she touches you, make sure you wash whatever she touches.” She had to put on this medicated white cream on it, and go around public like those “Got Milk?” ads.

Except she didn’t look this hot.

She spent the rest of the day wearing an invisible plaster which wasn’t invisible at all and just highlighted the cold sore. So kesian la ok!!

This year, I told Toots: no more surprise parties. I’m so sick of surprise parties. We are adults now! She agreed, so we planned to go to a fashion show and dinner after. Went to do our hair before that. With her cold sore, she still put on a smile and tried to ignore it. I tried to not make eye contact with It, but it was hard to miss. I mean, seriously guys….it was huge. The stylists were all pointing.*face to palm*

Done with hair, and we were on the way to the fashion show. Toots and I were so excited. Got there and the carpark was FULLLL, but suddenly we found a car coming out.

“OOOhhhh this must be your luck, Toots!! We found parking.”

We parked nicely, and then 10 other cars came out and a bunch of people started walking out from the venue.

The fashion show had finished.

I had forgotten to check the ticket time and just assumed it would be 8-ish like any other event. This fashion show was at 7. -___-

Birthday girl was crushed. I felt so bad!!!

So we adjourned to dinner at Dish. Ordered steak to share and had fun spending time together, eating and laughing.

Then, suddenly a birthday song played.

Toots’ face lit up.

“Oh my god, I knew it!!!! It’s my surprise birthday party!!!!! You’re so sweet!!!!”

She stopped clapping when the cake went to another table…

I’m the worst best friend ever.

But we love each other anyway.

The next day, I had two huge bumps on my face. So much for making fun of her cold sore.