gallo ss11 fashion show

April 13, 2011

Start a blog. Check. Run my own business. Check. Dye my hair blond. Check. Graduate from university. Check. Walk down a runway. CHECK, BABY!!

Here is the blog post I promised. The launch of Gallo’s Spring Summer 11 Collection.

I was so honored to be chosen among the 7 personalities to represent them in the fashion show. When I saw the lookbook of this collection, I was thinking omgggg Teresa made it for me. She must have!! (She didn’t, don’t worry.)

I only knew of Gallo from a friend and I instantly became a customer. Then, when FV started, I quickly contacted Gallo. I had no idea who the owners were and to be completely honest with you, Gallo was one of the hardest brands to get stocked on FV as the husband and wife team are really careful about their brand.

Ever since then, the 2 and myself have nurtured a good relationship and I was sooo honored when they asked me to model for their launch. I remember Victor calling me when I was having lunch at Alexis. “YOU WANT ME TO WHAT?!!”

The day of the show:

You know you’re not a celebrity when they don’t spell your name right. -___-

Backstage for hair and make-up with the other personalities and models. Omg guys, seriously, these Andrew Models are sooooooooooooooo tall I just couldn’t believe it. One model sat down and her legs ran for a mile. I did a mental measurement and her calves alone were as long as my whole arm. What do they eat?!!!

I just loveeee this hair. Wished I knew how to do the French braid myself.

The fashion show started and everyone looked so nice!! The models were all bouncy and dancing backstage and I got to see how things really happen at the back. It was literally pull out everything and put on next outfit in a few seconds. Like whooshhhh! And when they’re on there, they’re suddenly so calm and composed. Very cool.

She’s so hot in real life. I love her tan!

Suddenly, it’s my turn and my legs felt so heavy!! The feeling my legs get when my parents wake me up to go jogging early in the morning. It wasn’t a good feeling. I felt nauseated!

Come on!!! This is not hard!! Remember calculus and differentiation?!! Now THAT was hard!

Walk, Vivy, walk!! You know how to walk, for God’s sake. You’ve been walking for 20 over years!

So I did.

The crowd didn’t even boo!!! They didn’t throw bananas, like how they did in my dream the night before. They were sooo nice!! They clapped and everything. Feeee-yewwww.

Some were probably thinking what the hell is this tiny girl doing up there. Dude…. get in line!! This tiny girl hasn’t got a clue either!!

Teresa came out with her daughter. Job well done!!!!

With Deborah Henry, one of the nicest celebs ever.

Stephanie Chai and Joe. Stephanie is such a doll la seriously! She’s so cheerful and would make anybody feel at ease. Catch her at Wedding Guide Asia.

Of course the goons who came to support me! Love you guys.

Victor scolding me for not walking slower. Haha!

This collection is coming out in batches. So be sure to grab the first batch at the Gallo stores in BSC and Gardens. Or for those of you who aren’t in the area, they will be on TOMORROW!!! Excited!!

P/S: Gallo is looking for a store manager to join their family. If you’re interested to work with this fabulous fashion house, send your CV to Victor at