glam escapade event

April 20, 2011

Nurita Harith’s new range – soft yet structured with pastel colours to die for! When I saw this, I was speechless. THIS! This is our own local designer!! Malaysian product! Did you know Nurita was in Project Runway and she was a stylist for Malaysian Tatler?

Lisa Surihani wore Nurita Harith for an award show and I think the whole Malaysia was drooling over her dress. Gorgeous!

For Glam’s 7th anniversary, I wore a Nurita Harith piece.

She wanted me to wear a 2-piece with the structured softness. Because of my requirements (no sleeveless, no short skirts), it’s pretty difficult to dress me for an event. I always have to wear full-all-covered clothes, but because I’m short, it’s double the challenge for a designer because the clothes drown me.

But Nurita didn’t even seem fazed by it.

(Marissa got bored during my fitting)

On the way to the event.

This picture has Asma’ written all over it. Sibuk only.

Azalea of PU3.

She was wearing a Gallo shirt, now on discount on!

Love how she styled it like that.

Asma’, Mia, and Toots!

Dean and Moogie from Stylo, babyyyy. We go waaaayyy back, me and my Moogie.

GLAM’s Aizat and Jaja

The event was on a weekday, yet the turnout was great!!!! Everything looked great, kudos to you guys! Three thumbs up.

I told Nurita to use my old measurements, confidently. The first fitting: I was bursting out of the dress. So, naturally Asma’ and Wawa really didn’t let me eat coming close to the event! Because they’re mean.

So right after the event, PIZZA!!!

Gosh I just love my “fan”. Thank you, Nurita!

What’s awesome is that Nurita Harith‘s collection will be available exclusively on, so you guys can grab them too!!! They’re in production now, and will be ready next month. I can’t wait!

Also something else I’m excited about. Hehe. I was shy to tell, but I can tell you now. I’m going to be on the cover on GLAM next month!!!!! With a few awesome ladies, of course. Buy a copy ok?!