god of carnage review

April 26, 2011

Had such fun at the comedy God of Carnage preview yesterday! Was lucky to be one of the firsts to watch the play. Thanks to those who posted comments. Unfortunately, I could only bring 3 readers!

Apparently the play is famous!! We’ve been living in cages. It won Tony Awards Best Play in 2009. There’s even going to be a movie released in 2012 starring Kate Winslet and Jodie Foster.

The play is largely about parenting. Two pairs of parents meet to settle amicably the fight that happened between their sons. The play started off all civilised, but as the night went on, the true colours surfaced and all of them became like children and let out their suppressed anger to each other. Scolding their husbands, scolding their wives, scolding the other husband. It was hilarious!

I can’t relate to it yet as I don’t have a son to protect, but I could see all the parents nodding in agreement to everything in the play.

And single people probably left the play not wanting to get married ever.

I suggest you don’t sit in front, because Lina Teoh vomits a lot in the play and some unlucky ones might get wet.

There was only one setting in this play. And I am always sceptical going to plays that don’t have a change in setting in fear it would be boring! But surprisingly, NO ONE left in the middle of the play to even go the toilet!! Everyone was glued to their seats. So you can see how awesome this play is.

With the Nuffnang crew (and Nick! Haha)

I was wearing a Poya cardigan that I am in LOVE with now.

It’s so softttt. I wasn’t the one who signed on Poya to FV, but I’m so glad the FV team did. Poya’s awesome!

With the awesome Iza and Jean who won tickets with their comments.

There was another person; Hanah! Where were you?!!! Didn’t get to see you there.

God of Carnage plays from 28th of April to 8th of May 2011. You can get more details on tickets etc here.