jejak kasih

April 17, 2011

You know what I love most about blogging?? Of course, the writing is my passion bit (admittedly, I haven’t had the time to write as much) and the opportunities this blog has given me.

But I find it so rewarding when I can bring friends together through my blog.

I received an email from a lady asking if me about my mom. She said her mom has been searching for her long lost friend and she thinks it’s my mom, judging from one of the pictures of my Penang house. I do not put up pictures of my family members for privacy reasons and if I do, I pixelate them. So I was so surprised that this lady could spot my mom just by a picture of the inside of my Penang house! Amazing!!

I told my mom about this and she confirmed that it is her friend. And demanded I give her number asap.

That night itself, they spoke on the phone and were delighted to have reunited, even though they now live in different cities.

Man, I felt like Jejak Kasih! Such a thrill to see my mom reunite with a piece of her childhood. And it took just that email to get them back in touch after more than 10 years of not seeing each other.

We went for the aunty’s son’s wedding. And what a small world!!! The son married the designer of Mimpi Murni, one of the accessories label FV stocks!

I wore a Zaza top to the wedding.

It was a very lively and informal wedding at a restaurant. They closed the restaurant for the wedding and people danced while others mingled and enjoyed the buffet. I love relaxed weddings like this.

Congrats, Murni!!

Looking back, I can count with my fingers which ones of my friends have grown up with me since school. Along the way, you’re bound to lose friends as everyone matures and find themselves. But you know what, it doesn’t hurt to just keep in touch, even if you’re not going to be best friends anymore. Islam encourages you to maintain the silaturrahim anyway! Life’s too short to fight with people.

Some friends admittedly, aren’t going to be there forever. You don’t have to force friendships, but I believe everything happens for a reason. Like Asma’ and I, we were realllyyyyyy good friends as kids, but she moved and we lost touch. Then we met again more than 10 years later, in a toilet (of all places) and we love each other now are so-so la. She’s become a big part of my life instantly and before we both puke, I will end here.

Let’s just say, you can have as many friends as you want, but keep a selected few close to your heart, those who encourage you to be a better person.

Coincidentally, I received an email from one lovely girl. Most of the emails I get are pretty short, but this one was really really long. I won’t name names to protect anonymity, but if your nickname is Alis and you regularly check this blog, I’ve got a really sweet email I have to show you. It’s from a good friend who misses you.