kate found her willy

April 30, 2011

OK, let’s just spill it out…Did you guys watch the Royal Wedding of the Century??

At first, I was one of those cool people who was all aloof and meh-don’t-care, but today I realised I wasn’t that cool actually.

Sucked in big time, I was one of those people who rushed home to watch it. Hehe.

Toots and I PROMISED to watch it together in our torn kaftans and popcorn. When I was rushing home, the wedding had already started. But just the guest arrivals part, the boring stuff. I phoned Toots and asked her to rush to my house like NOW.

When I got home, turned on the TV, and they had said I Do already!!!!!! (I do, I will, same thing..). They were already married!

“Toots!!! We missed the royal wedding!!!!!”

“Oh my god!!! Nooooo!!!”

“Come now.”


“Hurry. I’m not going to watch without you.”

“Me neither.”

After we hung up the phone, I turned back to my TV screen. Kate Middleton looked soooo stunning in her carriage. Seriously, her smile is so infectious, I was smiling at the TV the whole time.

So yes, I watched the whole thing with Asma’ and Dean. (Dean left in the middle of it, btw. Think he got scared)

After watching the whole thing….Β  “When Toots comes, we have not seen a thing on TV, you hear me?”

She came after the whole procession back to the palace. We agreed to watch the rerun.

A few minutes later, I slipped! “Oh my god, did you see Kate looked soooo beautiful in her carriage?……Errr I mean, I heard she looked nice….”

Asma’ kept quiet.

A few minutes later, Toots said, “I didn’t think her make-up was all that, though! I could see her eyebags the whole time….Errr…I mean, I heard her people could see her eyebags…”

Something’s fishy here.

Toots is not a good liar. She just burst out laughing.



“Meh, I did too. Whatever.”

So yes…let’s talk!

The bride

Looked absolutely stunning don’t you think?? I couldn’t take my eyes off her smile!! Can you imagine being friends with her? I’d just be smiling and gazing at her and going “Just shut up and smile, please?”

The make-up

Asma’ loved it, Toots hated it, I just don’t care. Apparently she did her own make-up because she wanted to have some normalcy in the royal wedding.

The dress

Asma’ couldn’t stop talking about how she loved it and how it’s so Kate (because she and Kate are obviously BFFs).

Undoubtedly it’s a gorgeous but Toots and I both agreed that it was too simple! It is so beautiful but there’s just no wow factor to it. This is THE Royal Wedding of the CENTURY. We want more. Longer trail, bigger tiara, more sparkles!! You’re future Queen!! We have Malaysian weddings with grander dresses!

As ridiculously puffy as Princess Diana’s dress was, THAT was a royal wedding dress.

Ooh ooh!! But both Toots and I spotted Kate’s sister’s white dress that was just simply gorgeous!!

I couldn’t find a clearer picture of Pippa’s McQueen dress. But it’s so beautiful and elegant. The buttons on the back go all the way down. Sigh…So gorgeous! I want to make a dress like that.

The groom

Will, was it??

Haha. I’m very sure people were more interested to see Kate!

During supper with the girls, we watched the “I Do” part on YouTube since I missed it (Toots didn’t -__-)

Both she and I wiped tears.

They’re perfect together! I got goosebumps watching the whole thing.

Why on earth are we tearing in joy for these people!! We don’t even know them.

Sigh…peer pressure.