lat the kampung boy

April 1, 2011

LAT the Musical was so entertaining!! The songs aren’t super duper catchy, but the actors they chose were superb and the script was very funny.

My favourite character is Frankie Vee (so cheap, so cheap!! *sorry you won’t understand if you haven’t seen it*). I loveee him!

Gotta say, the direction of Harith Iskandar and Hans Isaac really go well together Love all that group’s production (the last one I watched was Cuci The Musical)

LAT would really hit home to those from Perak as the whole play was in Perak slang. Opah and Mommy are from Ipoh, so I’m very used to the dialect. Holler if you’re from Ipoh!!!!Wooo-hoooo.Some words for you:

  • I = Te-man
  • You = Mi-ke
  • All of you = Ko-me
  • Work = Kho-je
  • And Opah’s favourite word…… Hot = Pa-neh
  • Opah’s 2nd favourite word…. Hungry = La-po


There was a screen where they displayed the script and subtitles. Some of the songs had “Mi-ke” (“you”) in it, so people must’ve thought who the hell is Mike?

I had the best seats ever! (Thank you Nona :*) I was seated 4 seats away from Datuk Lat. Can you imagine how awkward it would be to sit directly NEXT to him? You’d have to laugh at every single joke and you can’t yawn even if you’re sleepy as that might insult him as the celebrated guest. Pressureeee..

Watch it watch it watch it!!

Spot Atilia!

She played Lat’s wife. Such a good actress and singer.

She made an order with Fashion Valet yesterday and the whole office wanted to kiss her package! We loveee her!

Headband: Alainn Plain Headband

Earrings: Ola

Top: Nana G Yas Top