opah’s anatomy

April 7, 2011

Opah’s 90 this year. It’s so scary!! Can you imagine us when we’re 90? Even in my early 20s, I have bones that go “Krrekkk” and I have to say “Allah…” when I unpeel myself from the floor. Hahaa.

I’ve gotta say Opah is doing fantastic for a 90-year old. She can hear well, she can see well, she can still walk short distances, she can still read the Quran and the ocassional Jawi paper, she can still eat KFC. Phew. Can you imagine NOT being able to eat fried chicken? ๐Ÿ™ Alhamdulillah!!

But I notice she is slow in moving her limbs, especially her fingers. Her left hand is getting heavy and she often uses her right hand to lift up her left hand.

So I always like to “disturb her” so that she moves her limbs to exercise them.

“High five, Opah!!” And I lift my hand up a bit higher, so she has to make the effort to lift her own hand to high five me. “Now the other hand! High five!”

Hehe. Like being a kid again.

She’s still the same awesome grandmother, though. Before and after work, she’s up because she’s waiting for me to send me off/welcome me home. When I’m at work, she sleeps a lot. I don’t come home for lunch often, but when I do, I loveee to sneak into her room and tickle her feet to wake her up. (She kicked me once.)

Today I spent time with her and we were laughing about how she feels she’s as old as my little niece because she needs everyone to do everything for her. And I guess it doesn’t help that I like to exercise her limbs with her by testing her on her anatomy.

“Where’s your nose?” *Opah lifts hand and points to her nose*

“Where’s your eye?” *Opah lifts hand and points to her eyes*

“Where’s your right hand?” Opah lifts her left hand.


“Aku testing je… ”


“Very funny. Where’s your white hair?” *Opah lifts up hand to touch her head*

“Ok, now….where’s your toe?”

She looked at her toes and laughed at me. “You think you’re so funny, ah? Ok go go. I want to sleep.” *Opah lifts up her hand to turn on the TV*