quickie on 8tv

April 7, 2011

I told my loved ones I was going to be on 8TV Quickie live last night.

Asma’ was the only ding dong one. “What channel will that be on?!!”


I got a lot of comments about my hair last night on Twitter. Hahahhaa. I knowwwww!! I came straight from the Gallo fashion show and they did my hair into a quiff at the top, so there was so much hairspray that it just sorta hung there, even after I combed it down. *Cries*

During the live interview, I saw myself on the little TV they had. And I panicked when I saw my hair. Everytime the camera moved to just Megan and Zher, I was trying to sort out my hair. And then the camera moves back to me and the hair is still like that! Grrr.

But the interview was fun! (Probably because it was short! Haha) Only 5 minutes of talking. Feee-yewwww.

I was wearing PU3 Azalea Shirt and Minz Pom Pom studs.

This interview was extra special to me because my mom tagged along!! She was my “manager” because the others didn’t love me enough to come out at 11.30 pm.

She had so much fun on set snapping away with her camera (and also toppling over one of their tables… I’m just thankful they didn’t carry her out of the building haha).

The crew was so welcoming. They made jokes, they laughed, it was like they were a family! At almost midnight, when everyone would be too sleepy to even smile, they really seemed to enjoy their work!

You can watch my interview here.