saya panik-ing

April 15, 2011


I’m still alive. Phew. Thank you so much for all your motivating comments (was laughing so much at Comment No. 9) and all the tweets too! Sigh, you guys are so awesome.

So it wasn’t as bad as I thought. My God, this whole year, I’ve been on an escalating journey towards challenging myself to new things constantly. I’m on a high! I have to pinch myself sometimes.

I was so determined to speak full-on Malay and was a bit disappointed that when I was put on the spot, all the “Of course” and “So then…” and “Yes” came out automatically! Alamak. Hehe. And I was sooooo confident I was going to use the word “Lumrah” somewhere, anywhere during the interview, just for JH (See Comment No. 18) Hehe. But mehhhh, when the red light is on, it’s Bye Bye preparation, Bismillah je la.

I guess the interview went well. I liked this one because there were 2 other guests who made it much more lively and informal.

Wearing Pink Jambu.

A few minutes before I went on set. On the phone with mom. “V, make sure you are polite and sit up straight ok. Ingat Tuhan, baca Bismillah. Don’t yawn or sneeze on TV.”


I think my yawning and sneezing muscles are frozen right now, Ma.

“Oh yeah, close your legs. Don’t sit terkangkang.”

Ahhhh my mother, such grace.

Who on earth goes on TV and sit terkangkang also I don’t know la.

You can watch it on Tonton here.


I’m going to be on TV today. The TV show called me a while back to fit me in this slot. I was preparing myself.

And suddenly I realised….

It’s an all Malay-speaking show. My first ever all-Malay interview.

*panic mode*

I am a proud Malay but I can’t really do the whole bahasa baku thing!!!!! I’m freaking out. And it’s going to be LIVE. LIVE!!!!

Practising in front of the mirror tonight…






Akan tetapi…….


Mak, tolong…..