shura’s engagement

April 25, 2011

Ahhh our darling Shura is officially “booked” by the man of her choice. I was asked to be one of her dulang girls and was honoured to carry the dulang! Was preparing for this day, flexing my muscles, then they gave me the lightest one…. do I look that useless fragile? ๐Ÿ™

Simply beautiful on her engagement day!! She was so cute, all nervous when she heard the kompang.

We were all “Why is there kompang??? Isn’t that for weddings?”

Her answer, “My dad was over-excited…”

Zee best friend always by her side

Her dulang girls lined up at the staircase while watching the ceremony.

I haven’t been to a proper engagement in a while and I didn’t realise how short it was! Basically, for Malays, engagement is just when the MIL-to-be puts a ring on the bride-to-be’s finger. That’s it! And then makan. In the olden days, the groom-to-be isn’t supposed to even come as he’s not involved in the ceremony, but nowadays, they sibuk come anyway.

“Of course I want to come to my own engagement!! What a silly thing to not allow the guy…” Dean said to my mom once.

“Tulah, budak zaman sekarang gatal betul.” I teased him.

Mom just rolled her eyes.


Shura and her other half hosted an engagement party for their friends the next day.

Beautiful tent, an array of yummy buffet, nice music and a dance floor for all of us to enjoy. Apparently they gave a speech and danced, but I missed it since I’m always late to everything. :s

Since the theme was all love and “marriage”, thought it would be cool to wear a Gallo top from their Will You Marry Me? collection.

Dean and Dr. Close Friend (remember him?!!)

Alia and other half

Congratulations Shura and Zamir on your step forward. Can’t wait for the wedding!!!!