stylo vampire and vixens

April 4, 2011

It’s Fashion Week again!

Fashion Grand Prix organised by Stylo

Last night’s theme was Vampire and Vixens and the show was really good, I must say.

Scary hoodie ppl surrounding a coffin greeted us as we walked in.

Toots and I

Wawa and Asma’

(I bet a lot of you will ask where Wawa got her gorgeous cape cardigan. So I’m just going to answer now. It’s her mom’s and no, we can’t have it.)

The show started by this scary hooded person limping onto the stage. At this point I was so scared! When she walked past where I was, I literally turned back to hold Toots’ hands. Haha.

Then the Master awoke from the dead, magically dressed in awesome designer clothes.

The fashion show started with the creations of the winner of some Mercedes Benz thingy. Dunno, wasn’t listening. I was just amazed at the artsy clothes. I don’t even know if I should call them clothes!

This model was in front of me….

But I really couldn’t help but stare at her….

This is a whole other level!!! As much as I pity the model, the designer is very very creative, don’t you think?!

And this!!

I want to stock this on Fashion Valet. Please.

After seeing all the extravagant menswear, I was quite happy to see something quite wearable. This jumper below that says “Hi!” I could see a guy wearing that with jeans. Quite a cute jumper, I thought. Cheerful and fun!

Then he walked past me, and there’s “Hell” at the back. -___-

Pink vest….I know what to get Dean for his birthday..

What a night! Surrounded by half naked men and vampires.

All in all, I felt quite proud that our Malaysian designers are very talented! Of course, not all can accept their designs, but I always have to remind myself that fashion shows are meant to showcase their wildest creations.

The Fashion Valet front + honorary member 🙂