women in ikea

April 16, 2011

Going to IKEA on a weekend is pretty suicidal.

But for people working Monday to Friday, what choice do we have??

So, off I went to IKEA. And as usual, everytime I go, I find such hilarious characters.

You’ll get the odd guy “trying out” a bed when actually he’s snoring away because his wife made him drive so far, the boyfriends yawning for the 53rd time because his girlfriend can’t choose between a yellow cup or a green cup. “Which one nicer????”

It’s really not a place for men, is it? I mean, seriously, they’re pretty unhelpful when they’re asked about a fur carpet or one that has a cute design on it.

“Whichever’s cheapest…”

Most used line for men in Ikea:

“What for la???”

Most used line for women in Ikea:

“Ok, that’s it. After this no more. Let’s go to the counter.” *finds herself in the kitchen area a few steps later* “Ooooohhhh……”

It’s like playing house for us women!! Do you remember in kindergarten you’d pretend to cook and serve your friends bla bla (was it just me?!!). So yeah, since we’re too old to be caught playing rumah-rumah, God gave us IKEA.

Anyway, I spent quite a bit of time there today. I needed a bookshelf. I left with loadssss of coloured picture frames, a few of the cute containers that I have nothing to put in, stationery set I already have. I almost bought a hugeeeee picture of a London bus for RM 299. But then I realised money doesn’t grow from my office toilet, so I shelved that idea. Plus, I could just blow up a picture from my London photos. I’m sure there’s a red bus in there somewhere.

Oh, I came home without a bookshelf.

It was too heavy. I was pretty shocked to see how huge it was. “Hmmm….you know what, that one looks nice too…I’ll get that one.” *points to a VERY thin box of bookshelf next to it, but puts it back when I realised it was just a shelf divider*

So I bought a lint roller instead.

Dean’s favourite part of IKEA is:

“Why don’t you pay for the parking ticket. I’ll go get the car and pick you up at the pick-up lane.”

Smiles proudly like he invented the joke.

“Get it???” *nudges me* “Pick. You. Up???”

Really, God? Him?