memory wall

May 13, 2011

I’ve always wanted a full wall of pictures. I don’t dare stick pictures onto the gorgeous wallpaper at home because Ustazah Mommy will make me sleep outside and repent, plus my room has limited space. But the office is huge, so I thought why not fill up the office wall with memories of FV.

Dean counting how many pictures there are of him. My pictures were triple his. Hehe.

Me setting up furniture we got from IKEA

Our first design collaboration with Mimpikita. All batches sold out on the day they were launched!

Asma’ selecting clothes for FV

Mom sorting our packaging that just arrived

A few seconds after we went live. I wore Gallo that day. I remembered vividly when this picture was taken. I was going, “Asma’….why Asma’…..Why’d you let me do this, Asma’?? No one’s buying anything!!”

I think the picture wall is a great idea! We’re all a family in the office and when we look at the pictures, we’re always reminded of the good memories and it motivates us to continue as we have suchhhhhhh a long way to go to fulfil our dreams and expand further.You guys should definitely put this in office/home. My friends always tease me for always bringing a camera everywhere (I’m a blogger, hello..) but this is why; to capture beautiful memories and look back sometimes.

Anyway, I’m very thankful to all of you. A lot of FV loyal customers are my blog readers (I know, I stalk you guys who buy :)) and I do hope you guys will continue to support FV and stay with me on this long journey.

I’d like to ask for a favor. You know how I’ve entertained you on this blog???? *bats eyelashes* Love me, or hate me, the fact is, you’re still here. So could you pleaseeeeee vote for FV in DiGi WWWow Awards? Only take a few seconds of your time.

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