bouncy slide

May 23, 2011

Spent some time with Nephew and Niece this weekend. You have no idea how many times I’ve watched Rio, the bird that can’t fly. Thank God this time it was something different. We went to a kids’ fun zone where they get to roll around and touch toys that other people have wiped their noses on. Omggg it was torture room for me. I was itching not to let the kids touch anything, but I told myself to relax and let them play. They can shower later. I really REALLY need to work on my OCD.


Top: Mimpikita

Leggings: Topshop

Who said I won’t be a good mom?

Seee?!!!! I never let Nephew and Niece leave my sight.

Kinda breathed on them the whole time. Gosh, I’m going to be a clingy mom one day…

Anyway, it was fun and all. The kids played on the big bouncy slide, and nephew even made friends with other kids and laughed. That made me smile 🙂

I stopped smiling when his ‘friend’ said to him, “Come! Let’s go up again!” and instead of the both of them going up the stairs to the top of the slide, the boy took my nephew by the ankle and started to drag him upside down up the slide, while everybody else was sliding down. I was furious at the boy!!! He was treating my nephew like a chicken drumstick. I got up from my toy dinosaur I was sitting in and practically jumped onto the slide.

It’s heartbreaking seeing someone treat my nephew like that, however unintentional.

He then taught my nephew how to slide down lying on his back, head first.

Then, a little girl who I assume to be his sister (because they kept to each other the whole time), took a toy tricycle up the stairs of the slide, and slid down the slippery slope WHILE RIDING THE BIKE.


Of course the tricycle flew off and even hit her on the head. But she laughed it off and went for a second round.

By then, I had already taken Nephew away from them.

Where do they learn these things?!!! Maybe it’s the TV. Even Nephew watches Lion King and thinks he can roar like a lion for the whole month.

But the worst part was none of their parents came to the rescue. Where were they? And the staff at the kids’ zone didn’t even bat an eyelash. Does this happen on a daily basis? A kid riding a bike off the bouncy slide? Maybe I’m being an overprotective aunt, but I really don’t want my nephew or niece to get bruises everywhere or break any bone! I’ll have a hard time answering to their parents, or worse, their grandmother.

And then I pictured my nephew grown up with a bunch of extremely adventurous teenagers. If he didn’t follow them, he would be snubbed and called names. The thought of that really hurt me. It’s such a scary thing these days. Peer pressure is getting more and more dangerous.