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May 5, 2011

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Don’t judge me, but last week I stuffed myself with so much Pizza Hut that would make the owner proud.

I’m sure you guys have heard the new Pizza Hut promo. How could you not? It’s everywhere! On the radio, in newspapers… Watch this commercial.

I’ve got to say, this is their coolest promo ever!


That’s right, believe it baby, your favourite Pizza Hut dishes for HALF OFF. If it’s RM 10, you’ll eat the same thing for RM 5!

What could be better?!! (Well, I guess 60% off, but we could go on and on about this…)

The fun part is that there are different dishes for half off for certain days.

You can get a clearer picture here.

So, this is how it works. Everyday, there are 2 dishes that are on 50% discount. You can only choose one set per person.

Monday: Hawaiian Chicken Personal Pan Pizza OR 4 pcs of Wing Street

Tuesday: Spaghetti Meatball Bolognaise OR Assam Boi Fizz

Wednesday: Super Supreme Personal Cheesy Lava Stuffed Crust Pizza OR Soup of The Day &Garlic Bread

Thursday: Island Supreme Personal Pan Pizza OR Tropical Fizz

Friday: Creamy Carbonara OR Garlic Bread

So mark your calendars on which weekday to  go to Pizza Hut with your colleagues!! I love Monday and Friday because my favourite dishes are the Hawaiian Chicken Pizza and Creamy Carbonara. Yummmssss

So of course the kepoh bloggers met up to have fun with this promotion. We got together and caught up with updates in our lives, while dining delicious Pizza Hut food.

My first time meeting Maria. She is hilarious to be around!

My first time meeting Ceera as well! Pretty lady!

Then the usual suspects la. Boring already.


Wei Zhii


I’m wearing Gallo Sleeveless Top and Topshop cardigan and linen pants.

Maria and BeautifulNara

Always fun, these blogger events.

Iza and KY trying to kill me while Audrey…watches. -__-

Look at this KY. He took the pizza thingy and wanted to smear it on my face and call it “moisturizer”.

Ding dong.